Modular Garage Tool Systems

Steel modular garage workbench units, drawers, storage and cupboard system.

This is an easy and super-fast way to build your own steel garage workbench, drawer, cabinet and storage configuration, get the layout that works best for you with these modular solutions. It's like Lego for your garage, buy the blocks you like and add them together in the combination you want to create your garage dream.

They do not bolt to the walls; they are free standing, so easy to assemble and easy to move into place.

Choose our starter packs and then add on the components you want to get the right mix of drawers, cupboards, bins and workspace style with almost no limit on length you want to fill, each module just joins onto the previous one.

We have our popular Standard modular range and also our larger, heavier, wider Professional module series.


Standard Garage Modular Range

These FREE STANDING modules create systems that are upto 2M tall by using sections that are 68cm wide and 46cm in depth that you can always expand on. Low cost for a great result!


Professional Modular Range

Free standing modular range using ticker steel and larger dimensions, For the serious users and professional workshops.