Our garage solutions tend to be very large and heavy which requires special care to deliver to you and that depends on your location and street access AND if you are a commercial or residential address with a forklift available.

If you have a forklift to unload at your end for the very heavy products, then freight will be cheaper! It is also cheaper for you to pickup from a local freight depot in your area.

No forklift and it's heavy, then we can send a tail lift truck so we can safely deliver to you.

Small items, then local post and couriers will do these.

We have most stock in Brisbane and these also can be picked up from our warehouse there, we do have some stock in Sydney and Melbourne locations so talk to us about what you are looking for, remember to bring the right vehicle or trailer.

If your checkout says we cannot deliver to your address then don't worry, email or call us with you location and products you are interested in, and we will get several carriers to quote a price to find the best option. It could be some items are not in your local warehouse or local freight needs management to get the right price.


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