How to Cut and Separate Kaizen Tool Foam

How to Cut and Separate Kaizen Tool Foam

Kaizen Tool Foam is an easy DIY alternative to high density EVA tool foam to use when organizing tool trays or any kit system. Designed to give you an easy way to achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace. GTools Kaizen Foam sheets are especially engineered for a smooth clean surface at the cutout, they are made up of separate foam layers that allows you to use a cutting knife and your fingers to separate and peel away the cut layer shape to create a fit for all your tools in drawers and boxes. Not all Kaizen is the same, non GTools kaizen may not separate smoothly so test if need be.

If you want an easy way to organize your tools and keep them in order and note missing tools, check GTools kaizen out as it allows you to make custom space holders for almost any tool. Available in large sheets, easy to cut to your drawer shape and if you need larger depth then add an extra sheet.

  1. Cut the sheet first to fit inside your tool drawer or storage space. Insert into drawer to make sure fit is correct.
  2. Remove from the drawer and layout your items across the foam so configure where you want the tools placed.
  3. Our Kaizen foam is especially engineered and is made of thin 5mm layers for fast removal, you will just excavate a 5mm layer at a time or multiple layers of 5mm, as needed. All cuts should be aimed at multiples of 5mm for best results.
  4. Trace the tools shape on the foam or if large enough simply cut direct around the tool itself to mark the area to excavate.
  5. Then cut vertically through the layers using a utility knife or scalpel, watch your cutting depth as you need to work with the 5mm layers. Cut just past a layer to allow easy removal of the cutout.
  6. If you try and remove foam inside a layer you will get a rough separation. Separation at the layer joins themselves is the key to this product as we designed the layers to smoothly pull apart at these joins.
  7. Use your fingers to remove the cut-out area by simply pressing you fingers into one end of the cut and peel back a layer or several layers and check the fit as you remove layers.
  8. Keep cutting down until the recess is deep enough to hold the tool securely but shallow enough to grab easily with your fingers.
  9. You can even cut finger grips into the foam to more easily grab hold of the tool to use it.

You can use the foam to hold any item you wish, tools, hobby items, cameras, guns, anything that needs organizing.

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