How to Assemble the GTX 1.8M tall Cupboards

How to Assemble the GTX 1.8M tall Cupboards

The GTX cupboards that are made to match our rolling systems are 1.8M tall and are either 600mm single door or a 915mm double door cabinet. Due to their size, they are flat packed and require assembly

 Steps for assembly:

  1. Open carton and review components and assembly bolts.

  2. Protect the surface area if required to avoid scratching the metal.

  3. Locate the base, turn it over and attach the 4 leveling feet.

  4. Locate the L shape support plates and bolt to the corners of the top and bottom sections. These fit to the inside face using the short M4 screws.

  5. Lay one of the side with sections down and fit the top and bottom sections to each end using the M4 screws.

  6. Lay the other side section on top and screw together, check with a spirit level that it is square.

  7. Stand the locker on its feet. Fit the screws to the bottom and top sections. Use the longer M4 screws.

  8. Fit the rear section to the locker and secure using the M4 screws.

  9. Fit the brackets for the shelves.

  10. Fit the 4 shelves in place

  11. Attach the door using the spring-loaded pull latches, note the door can go left or right opening as there are mounts on both sides.

  12. Move into position to use.


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