How Many Floor Tiles?

How Many Floor Tiles?

Example to do accurate counts for how many garage floor tiles you need:

  1. Measure your space width and depth in metres, eg 5.7M Wide x 6M Depth
  2. This equals 34.2 sq metres when you multiply those 2 numbers together.
  3. Get the size of the tile, in this example each tile is 305mm square so using metres here (.305M) as we used metres in the measures at step 1.
  4. We have a tile .305M x .305M so divide .305 into your measures at step 1 and round up.
  5. The width of 5.7 divided by .305 = 18.7 so use 19 Tiles rounded up the width.
  6. The depth is 6.0M divided by .305 = 19.7 so use 20 Tiles rounded up for the depth.
  7. Multiply the 2 answers 19 x 20 = 380 Tiles required.
  8. Add some extra for wastage  along the wall line if u need eg +10 tiles which means you really need 390 floor tiles in TOTAL

The next question is what pattern and how many of each colour do you need, if a basic check pattern then simply 50/50 of 2 colours. If not then you need to draw the design to calculate.

If you want a thin sloping edge at the front of the garage they are also .305m wide so you will need those and in this case you need 19 across the width per Step 5

Do you need any sloping edge across doorways, what is the gap here.

OR Send us your measurements and we will create a spreadsheet of your layout and give you by email, or tell us your colour pattern and we will create a colour coded solution for you. If you are able to use basic Excel you can create a pattern there.

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